Wool Stripe Pad

Our natural wool pads are engineered for the high-speed polishing action and 100% surface contact for the most effective polishing experience. Wool over foam interface.


  • P 800-1500
  • Great balance
  • Long durability


Wool Stripe Pad 

Our natural Wool Stripe pad has a 24-degree bevelled edge. As a result, this gives you 100% surface contact and the most effective polishing experience.

  • Suitable for use with dual action and rotary polishers.
  • Optimum backing plate size – 3”/ 80mm – 5“/ 125mm.
  • Removes deep scratches like sanding marks and paint defect.
  • Made of plush natural wool fibres.
  • Makes polishing effortless when used with a rotary polisher and because the shine is so effective you get professional results every time you polish.
  • Easy to use because the wool pads can be used on a variety of painted surfaces.
  • Wool polishing pads are washable and durable.

    Detailing Powers Wool Stripe Pad is specifically designed to work with alongside our Detailing Power Heavy Compound. As a result, these unique pads polish paintwork to a mirror shine.

    The Dp Wool Coarse Pad is an aggressive polishing pad. The pad is designed to restore neglected paintwork with heavy defects.

    The Wool Coarse Pad is perfect for compounding paintwork. And is capable of removing 800-1500 grit sanding scratches.

    The aggressive wool pad removes heavy scratches, swirls, watermarks, and other paint imperfections.

    This pad initially feels very rigid but becomes more pliable and comfortable to use as the pad warms and saturates with polishing solution.

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