Rotary Finish Polishing Pad

The pads are engineered for the fine imperfections, dark colours, high gloss finish and 100% surface contact for the most effective polishing experience.

  • P2500-3500
  • Long durability
  • Open-cell structure


Rotary Finishing Polishing Pad

Our Rotary Finishing Polishing Pad comes in 2 different sizes.

  • 5″ inch (130mm)
  • 6″ inch (150mm)

The pad works well for vehicles with fine imperfections and also works well on dark colours and high gloss finished cars.

The pads can be used to apply polish, wax, glazes and sealant without marring the paint. As a result, producing a high gloss finish.

Our Rotary Finish Pad is optimized for rotary applications. The system includes 3 types of foam pads. As a result, this offers detailers several options to achieve the perfect result and outcome.

The open-cell foam materials were chosen to minimize excessive heat. The pad profile helps to prevent accidental contact between the backing plate and the panel.

The new foam Rotary Polishing Pad range features 3 foam types:

  • The White foam pad is for applying aggressive pre-wax cleansers.
  • The Yellow foam pad is for removing fine imperfections from dark coloured cars.
    The Yellow pad is also for high gloss finishes.
  • The Black foam pad is for applying waxes and sealants.
    And also for the finishing and polishing processes.

Each pad is available in 5” and 6” inch sizes, and we recommended using our pads with Detailing Power Medium Compound.

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