Power Coating Ceramic Wax 200g

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This product offers strong durable protection and has incredible self-cleaning abilities. Outstanding gloss and jaw-dropping water behaviour.

  • Deep Gloss
  • Self Cleaning
  • Si02 Ceramic Wax
  • Perfect Water Beading


Power Coating Ceramic Wax 200g, offers strong durable protection and incredible self-cleaning abilities. As well as the following:       

  • long durability
  • perfect water beading
  • outstanding deep gloss
  • long last shine
  • ceramic-based wax
  • outstanding deep gloss 
  • fantastic water behaviour
  • Self cleaning

Power Coating Ceramic Wax offers detailers several options to achieve the perfect result and outcome many times over. Ceramic wax coating is more durable and can leave less maintenance in looking after your vehicle for a few years.

    Si0 = Si02.  Si02 ceramic wax protects your cars paintwork with an inorganic hard wax. As a result of this, your vehicle will have a solid finish and mirror-like sheen with long-lasting water and grime repellent effect.

    Perfect to use the Detailing Power Finish Pad

    Detailing Power supplies many different ceramic waxes,  This simply makes the process of cleaning, polishing, and waxing the paint many times easier than doing it by hand. 

    Because everyone wants to keep their car in showroom condition for as long as possible, we recommend Detailing Power Interior and exterior Cleaners.

    Do not store in direct sunlight. Protect from frost and excessive heat. Keep the container dry. Always keep out of reach of children.

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    1 review for Power Coating Ceramic Wax 200g

    1. Alexander dale

      Excellent product!! Easy to apply and great shine with high water beading.

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