Dual Action Finish Pad

The 24-degree bevelled edge ensures that you have 100% surface contact for the most effective polishing experience.


  • P3500-4500
  • Long durability
  • Open-cell structure
  • Centre hole for accurate centring on a backing plate


Our Detailing Dual Action Finishing Pad comes in 2 different sizes. The pads are engineered for high-speed polishing action. The Finish Polish Pad come in 2 sizes.

  • 3″ inch (80mm)
  • 5″ inch (130mm)

The Detailing Dual Action Finishing Pad has a 24 degrees bevelled edge, which guarantees that you get 100% surface contact for the most effective polishing experience. 

Use the DP Polishing Pads with the DP Compounds dp Heavey Compound for perfect results.

  • Open-cell structure
  • Optimum backing plate size – 3”/ 80mm- 5 “ / 130mm.
  • Bevelled edge angled at 24 degrees for safer working.
  • Centre hole for accurate centring on the backing plate.
  • Suitable for use with Velcro backing systems.
  • Suitable for all types of vehicle paintwork & marine gel coats.

Dp Power Pads work great alongside with Detailing Power Heavy Compound

The Auto Finish Black Pad is perfect for compounding paintwork and removes around 3500-4500 grit sanding scratches. The motion of the head of a dual-action polisher is similar to moving your hand in large circles across the paint surface, kind of like the way people used to put on paste wax by hand.

The Dual-Action Finish pad removes swirls, watermarks, and other paint imperfections.

Detailing Power supplies many different polishing pads,  Pads simply make the process of cleaning, polishing, and waxing the paint many times easier than doing it by hand. 

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