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  • Ceramic Coating

    Ceramic Glass Coating Film 10H

    The most unique ceramic coating. Our 10H glass coating film lasts up to five years. Built-in scratch self-restoring function (self-healing)

    • Chemical Resistance
    • Long-Lasting Deep Shine
    • Super Hydrophobic Effect
    • Scratch Self Restoring Function
  • Applicator

    Coating Applicator


    This product is made of 3 Layers of Coating. The blocks are perfect for applying any of our ceramic coatings to paintwork, trim and wheels.

  • Power Clean

    Power Clean Glass Cleaner

    This product is safe and effective. It cleans quickly without smearing or streaking to leave your glass sparkling clean and provides the perfect results.


    • Zero Smear
    • Anti Streak Formula
    • Easy Cleaning Function
  • Power Clean

    Power Clean Iron X

    This product is a safe and effective cleaner that quickly removes brake dust and iron particles from your vehicle, helping to prevent paint corrosion


    Ph Neutral

  • Power Clean

    Power Clean Wash & Wax

    Thick, luxurious soap, and a pH-balanced formula to give your vehicle the perfect wash without damaging any existing car waxes or sealants.


    • Cleaner
    • Conditioner 
    • Ph Neutral
  • Power Clean

    Power Clean Wheel Cleaner

    This product is an acid-free wheel cleaner that contains a powerful blend of cleaning agents and degreasers to give your wheels the perfect result.

    Ph Neutral

  • Ceramic Wax

    Power Coating Ceramic Wax 200g

    This product offers strong durable protection and has incredible self-cleaning abilities. Outstanding gloss and jaw-dropping water behaviour.

    • Deep Gloss
    • Self Cleaning
    • Si02 Ceramic Wax
    • Perfect Water Beading
  • Power Restore

    Power Restore Detailer 500ml

    This spray wax is perfect as a conditioner for polishing cars.


    High Shine

  • Powercut

    Powercut Finish Compound

    This product is the perfect compound to remove holograms and any fine defects and imperfections leaving a swirl-free finish.

    No Filler

    No holograms

    All paint types

  • Powercut

    Powercut Heavy Compound

    This product is a heavy cut surface polishing compound, capable of repairing defects on all paint types


    No Filler


    All paint types

  • Powercut

    Powercut Heavy X Compound

    This is our strongest restoring compound, which is capable of repairing defects on the hardest of paint types.


    • No Filler
    • P1000-1500
    • All paint types
  • Powercut

    Powercut Medium Compound

    This product is the perfect compound to remove and correct medium scratches and leaving a swirl-free high gloss finish

    No Filler  


    All paint types