How to wash car after ceramic coating? The perfect washing guide

The First Wash After Ceramic Coating
The golden rule you should always stick to after a ceramic coating is, Do not wash your car within 10 days of application! The reason is You need to give the Coating time to fully cure on your vehicle. If you wash or otherwise agitate the surface of the paintwork, it can drastically inhibit the curing process of the product.

Wash Regularly
No matter what type of paint protection you have, proper maintenance and washing are essential to get the most out of the product. Especially in winter, it is important to rinse the car well to get rid of brine and avoid getting a film with “traffic film” on the car. By washing correctly you avoid washing scratches, 90% of the scratches on a car come from incorrect washing.

The trick is to remove as much dirt as possible before touching the car with a sponge or wash mitt. Use a high pressure washer and remove as much dirt as possible. Use the prewash function if the high pressure washer has this. If the car is very dirty, we recommend using degreasing. Leave the degreaser to work according to the manufacturer’s instructions before rinsing. Do not allow the degreaser to dry in direct sunlight. If this happens, you may have more to resolve. Make sure that the paint is not hot when you apply degreaser. When rinsing, it is not the high pressure you use that matters, but the amount of water.

Use The Two-Bucket Method
Once you have removed all the dirt, it is safe to start with the actual touch wash. Here it is recommended to have two buckets available; one for soapy water and one for clean water. Use buckets that have a so-called “grit guard”. This is a grate on the bottom of the bucket that prevents you from getting dirt in the washcloth. Bring as much soapy water as possible up on the paint and iron back and forth, not in circular motions. Start at the top and take the back and under the door moldings at the end, as these are the dirtiest parts of the car.

Use A Soap Made For Ceramic coatings
Use a PH Neutral shampoo, We recommend some type Si02 infused shampoo for ceramic coated vehicles as these can prolong the life and performance of coatings. Not only are they pH neutral, but since they contain Si02, they will also act as a “Top Up” protective later for your ceramic coating. If you have noticed that your coating is not beading or sheeting like it was when you first had your ceramic coating installed on your car, you should apply dp Conditoner

NEVER Use An Automatic Wash/Brush
If you’ve got a Ceramic coating, you’re probably concerned about preventing scratches. So why take your vehicle to a wash that’s going to mar your finish? Automatic washes use highly abrasive bristles that retain all the scratch-prone contaminants from previous washes. Put your vehicle through one and you’ll come out with a micro-marred coating—even if it’s “10H”.

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