Join our Detailing Power Team

Are you a detailer or distributor of car care products?
Are you looking to work with a premium line of detailing products?

Apply today and join our growing network of distributors.

Firstly, Detailing Power is looking for professional and enthusiastic car detailers and distributors in new markets. Could this be you?

Secondly, to become an official certified distributor for us, we are looking for the following;

  • An established business with a minimum of 2 years of detailing experience.
  • You will need to provide us with a viable business plan, explaining how you would increase sales.
  • We would like to hear how you would promote the detailing power brand worldwide.

By the time you have read this, you are halfway there to becoming a detailer or distributor for Detailing Power, we will happily provide you with all the marketing materials, knowledge and in-depth training on our products. We will explain how to implement the best marketing techniques and products services we sell.

Once you have joined our team, you will enjoy selling our professional line of easy-to-use detailing power premium products. We will of course provide your business with continuous training and support, so your customers will know that they can rely on your expertise. 

As multinational global manufacture, Detailing Power will supply you the best quality products. These products are from Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Japan South Korea and China. 

Are you ready to get started as a Certified Detailing Power distributor or reseller? 

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