What do Professional Detailers use? They use Premium Quality Car Care Products

About us

Detailing Power (dp) is a power brand that originated in Norway producing continuous cleaning results of the highest quality with 16 years of detailers experience. Norway is known for its climate and unpredictable weather conditions which is harsh and brutal on the bodywork on most cars. We have considered all this and produced a good quality, durable detailing power product that will stand all weather conditions and that is long-lasting allowing us to guarantee why our products work the best. 

As a result of our efforts, we have established business relationships worldwide, giving us factory facilities in countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, and China.

Why do our products work the best   

Our products work best as we have been pursuing perfection based on experience and technology, ability, and customer satisfaction for many years. As a result of our continuous research and development, we are now able to offer the most effective products on the market. We know car detailing is time-consuming, therefore, it is important for us that our products are easy to use, enhancing, restoring, and protecting all parts of a car, to provide you with the best prestigious finish you desire.

Our Main Goal

Our main goal is to produce products that work on deep scratches and hard or soft paintwork and to remove as much dirt and contaminants from the bodywork of your car. We offer you the complete package at Detailing Power (dp) and provide all the necessary products online and in-store to make sure we make it easy for you to achieve the best showroom results possible. 

Cut to Finish Compound System

We are providing all compounds and polishes you need to achieve the perfect finish. The Power Cut Set will fulfil your requirements from start to finish. The Detailed Power Cut Set is designed to work together with wool pads and foam pads. It’s compatible with both dual action and rotary machines. As a result of this, we can offer you high-quality car care products. Read more about Cut to Finish Compound System

Detailing Power Terminology 

  • Stone Chips
  • Winter Weather
  • Summer Weather
  • Abrasive Cleaners
  • Bird Droppings
  • Bugs
  • Fuel/Petrol Stains
  • Fingerprints
Microfiber Cleaning Products

Detailing Power only provides the best microfiber towels, pads, mitts, upholstery cleaner, brushes, microfiber wash mitts.

Polishing and Waxing

Detailing Power stocks various detailing sprays, waxes, glazes, clays, and body shampoos.

Wheel and Tyre Maintenance

You know that wheels are very expensive to repair or replace, especially with modern luxury or sports cars- Detailing power provides rubber conditioners, tire and trim dressing, chrome and metal polishes, gel foaming wheel formulas.  We stock a variety of products to maintain your wheels in showroom condition.

Car Interior (Foam/Liquid)

Do you have stains or spills, Detailing Power (dp) provides a quality interior and exterior cleaner, dash, carpet, leather and vinyl cleaners, shampoos, upholstery products all to maintain the car to its highest specification 


A streaked appearance that might appear in transparent or metallic finishes.


Appear when the paint gun is held too close to the surface, extremely common for the “do it yourself types”

Air Trapping

This problem occurs when tiny air bubbles rise to the surface of the paint and pop, leaving craters behind.

Crows Feet

Cracks that appear in topcoats

Orange Peeling

An unevenness of a layer of paint on top of a surface. When you look closely, the surface resembles the skin of an orange.


With this problem, cracks of varying lengths form in your finish.


Discolouration appears in your topcoat colour.

Sand Scratches

These are streaks, lines, or marks that appear in your paint film.


When you lose adhesion between your paint and its substrate, sections of the colour may separate. 


Refers to the problem of solid particles of varying sizes being embedded in the surface of your paint.

Feather-edge Lifting or Edge Mapping Lifting

Paint problem from solvents in topcoats 

Dulling or Hazing

When the gloss or shine of the finish dulls as it dries.


Appear may appear on the bodywork when you spray on a coating of primer or paint.

Wrinkling or Lifting

Appear when a paint layer shrivels when applying or drying a new finish.