Detailing Power – we offer professional car detailing supplies

Detailing Power offer premium professional car detailing supplies thoroughly tested to provide the best products for professional Car Detailers in pursuit of perfection and maintaining to keep the car exterior looking pristine. Our continued research and development have established us with the most effective products on the market.

The Ceramic Coating Technology


Detailing Power

The dp Power coating is a 2-component ceramic product with a base coat and a topcoat. The topcoat will not only help protect the base coat but what makes it unique is its self-healing feature that stands out from everything else on the market. In addition to this, it serves as an excellent water-repellent and self-cleaning function. It is the most unique professional ceramic coating on the market. The 10 H Glass coating film lasts up to five years which enables you to wash your car quickly using just water and will protect your car against dirt and grime.

The Detailing Power Paint Correction Set!
Cut 2 Finish Compound System

We are providing all compounds and polishes you need to achieve the perfect finish. The Power Cut set will fulfil your requirements all from start to finish. The Detailed Power Cut set is designed to work together with wool pads and foam pads.  It’s compatible with both dual action and rotary machines. As a result of this, we can offer your high-quality car care products.

See our Cut 2 Finish Compound System products


High Pile Wool Pad

The Wool pads are engineered for the high-speed polishing action and 100% surface contact for the most effective polishing experience. Wool base over foam interface.

P 800-1500
Great Balance
Long Durability

Wool Stripe Pad

Our natural wool pads are engineered for the high-speed polishing action and 100% surface contact for the most effective polishing experience. Wool over foam interface.


  • P 800-1500
  • Great balance
  • Long durability

Edgeless Long Pile Buffing Towel

Two-Sided and Short Thick Pile Loop

Thickness: 350g / m2

Size:           40×40 cm

Edging:      Ultrasonıc cut

Edgeless Duo Microfiber towel

One Side Is Short Pile Loop, Another Side Is Hıgh Pile Loop

Thıckness:  450g/m2

Sıze:            40×40 cm

Edging:       ultrasonıc cut

Waxing Applicator – Easy Grip Pad

No mess and easy to use, this applicator combines a comfortable base handle with soft foam to spread the perfect wax coat, dressing or plastic protectant.

Coating Applicator


This product is made of 3 Layers of Coating. The blocks are perfect for applying any of our ceramic coatings to paintwork, trim and wheels.

Clay Pad

This Clay pad enables you to clay the entire car in a fraction of the time that a traditional clay bar would take.



  • Safe
  • Long Durability
  • Effectively

Clay Towel

A revolutionary alternative to the clay bar which is faster, effective and safer. The towel holds tons of suds and water for fast cleaning with fewer trips to the wash bucket.


  • Safe
  • Long Durability
  • Effectively


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